SEONI NEWS: About 50 cows’ bodies found on the banks of rivers in Seoni, killed by slitting their throats

About 50 cows’ bodies have been found on the banks of rivers and river banks in various areas of Seoni district. The cows found at all the places have been thrown into the river after their throats have been slit, which has created a sensation in the area.

Cattle bodies in Dhanora police station area

There was a stir in the area after about 19 cattle were found in the Venganga river near village Dondavani Pindari under Dhanora police station area on Wednesday. These cattle have been stabbed in the neck with a sharp weapon. A team of police and veterinarians have reached the spot and investigation is on.

Bodies also found in Dhuma and Keolari areas

Bodies of 32 cows have been found in Dhuma area and about 20 cows in Majhguwa area of ​​Keolari. All the cows have been brutally killed by slitting their throats. Lakhnadon SDOP, Dhanora police station police and Palari outpost police have reached the spot. Two veterinarians are also present at the spot.

Attempts to remove dead bodies from the river

The effort to lower the JCB machine into the river continued till 7 pm, but due to the river ghat, the JCB machine could not come down. The villagers continued to pull out the dead cattle from the river with the help of a rope. The dead bodies of the cattle are said to be 2 days old and the bodies have swollen. Somehow at around 7.30 pm, the JCB machine was brought down to the river bank and the dead cattle were buried in the ground by digging a deep pit in the presence of the police.

Police action

The police have registered the case and started investigation. The Superintendent of Police has said that the case is serious and after an impartial investigation, action will be taken against the culprits soon.

Veterinary report

Veterinary experts Ravindra Narre and S S Sayyam said that the neck of the dead cattle found on the river bank has been cut downwards with a sharp weapon. However, the heads of the cattle have not been separated from the torso, but only the lower part of the neck has been cut, which has caused the death of the cattle.

Reaction of villagers
The villagers have expressed deep grief and anger over this incident. They are shocked to see the carcasses of cows on the river banks and are demanding strict action against the culprits.

Reaction of officials
The officials have also taken this incident seriously and have assured that the culprits will be caught soon and strict action will be taken against them.

Impact on society
This incident is having a deep impact on the society, especially on those who consider cows sacred. This has increased the feeling of fear and insecurity among the people.

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