Coffee that “Spills the Beans” By- Aayushi Tiwari

BY: Aayushi Tiwari – A happy and incredibly beautiful girl with shoulder length hair was totally drowned in thoughts of someone she loves and was getting married to. She was a girl with high moral values brought up by her uncle and aunt whom she used to live with. She was so generous that she never says “no” to anyone and so, her uncle and aunt were totally dependent on her even for their routine work.

At the time, she was busy doing preparations for her big day. Everything was going well until.. , her phone rang. She got a call from the police station, receiving shocking news that her fiance got arrested for molesting her aunt. Suddenly, everything seems to be blurred in front of her eyes. Her life took a 360° turn and she totally got shattered and went into depression.

After a minute or two, Alice (the girl whose marriage was going to happen) abide herself and took her steps towards the police station. She was shivering out of fear as she never had a chance to go to the police station. A lot of things were going on in her head as she stepped in and finally met the police man to whom she had a conversation with over the phonecall.

Are you the “girl” on the other side of the phone call?? Asked the policeman.

She nodded as a reply.

She was still shivering and feeling restless. The policeman gave her a chair to sit on and offered a glass of water.

Alice asked, Where is Ron? (Her fiance)

The police man pointed his finger to the corner of the room where a small jail-like room was constructed. Alice was shocked to see Ron sitting in the corner of the jail room like a poor skittish person holding his arms around his body and putting his head on his knees. He was looking more like a victim than a culprit.

Alice ran towards him and stood up there holding the rods of the jail room and asked Ron about what exactly had happened?

“Ask your aunt”,  ‘he replied.’

Alice:” I will. But, for now please tell me what’s going on”.

“I’ve left you guys happily talking to each other at home and then suddenly I got a call that you are arrested for molesting my aunt. I was shattered”.

“Please tell me Ron what is all happening?”

Ron: “Okay, but you have to promise me that you will believe me and never gonna leave me.”

She nodded with love.

“We were all sitting in the dinning room when your uncle demanded for a coffee to which your aunt replied, ‘Sorry dear there’s no coffee beans left in the kitchen.’

I asked her to buy coffee beans for the house but your uncle told me to stay at home as he was going to take some coffee beans from the nearby market. As he left the house, your aunt started telling some nonsense about your character. I was shocked and angry at the same time.

I asked her why she is saying all this stuff about you?”

“Because you are a gentleman and you don’t deserve a witch like her.”

“I stood up and shouted at her, to stop saying all this stuff about my girl.”

“Huh! why am I even requesting you to do this?”

” I think I should leave.”

“Suddenly she grabbed my hand with full force to stop me and then, your uncle came up with coffee beans in one hand and a knife on the other.”

“Your aunt started shouting, ‘please help me! help! I’m in trouble!’, Your uncle ran towards me and put the knife in my hands forcefully.”

“I was shocked and had zero idea of what exactly was going on.”

“Suddenly, all the neighbours came up to the house,  and the  crowd gathered and grabbed me in order to capture me.”

“Someone from the crowd, called the police and the rest is known to you”  Ron elaborated.

Alice was shocked and had no words but tears in her eyes to express her emotions. She was blank and feeling like having a walk on a dark road without having a clue where to go?…

“Thak thak”

The policeman hits the stick into the jail rods and said ‘time’s up’

Alice stood up and  said “I’ve to go”

“Where?” Ron asked

“To find the truth…”


“Don’t you believe in me?”

“I believe you… But… I’ve to prove this too”


“Come back soon”

Alice went back to her home in a hope to find some clue that may help her to prove Ron innocent. As she stepped into the house, her aunt came towards her with big steps, held her tight in her arms and started crying.

” Ohh, dear…”

“I feel sorry for you but… He’s not the right guy for you.”

“Aunty, I am sorry to ask you…”

“Please tell me what happened exactly?,”

” I want to know.”

“Yes, of course but_”


“I think we should go to the police station first.”

“They’ve called me to record my statement.”

“Alright, I am coming with you”

Malisa, Alice and her uncle reached the police station again. The policeman was sitting on his chair as if he was just waiting for them all to come to the police station. He was looking tired and not interested at all in listening to their story. So, he arranged legal aid for both the parties and  did the legal formalities to take the case to the court as soon as possible.

They got a date for hearing on Monday, the next day of when the incident took place.

It was 10 in the morning when everybody reached the courtroom. Its walls were high and slightly damped with moisture. The chair of the judge was placed on a high surface as compared to the other benches in the room. The moment the judge arrived, everyone in the room stood up as a gesture of respect to him. He was looking quit disciplined and sincere by face and was around his 50’s.

The judge ordered the hearing to start.

Malisa’s lawyer described the whole incident before the judge along with all the allegations that Malisa had made regarding Ron.

“That’s it, My lord”

“All that my client wants is nothing but justice” he added.

“I object My Lord” Ron’s lawyer interrupted.

“Permission granted”

“My lord, I want Malisa to come to the witness box and describe every single thing that has happened to her.”

“Permission granted.”

“Malisa, could you please tell everyone what exactly you faced that day?”


“We all were enjoying a conversation over Ron and Alice’s marriage when Ron demanded for a coffee.

I told him to wait for 15 minutes as there was no coffee in the kitchen.

Robert (Malisa’s husband) was busy with his laptop doing some official work while enjoying conversation at the same time.

So, I asked Ron to buy some coffee beans from the near market but he refused to do so.

‘I am preparing a special surprise for my girl, can’t go to the market right now’ He added.

So, Robert just shut down the laptop immediately and told me ‘wait, I am going.’

Then he just took some money from his jacket hanged on the door of the living room and left for the market.”

“Suddenly, Ron stood up and came towards me with slow steps and lust in his eyes.”

“Do you need something Ron?”

“No… I mean…”


“I want you…”

“Are you_”

“Just shut up and don’t say anything”, he put his finger on my lips.

“I was scared, I was… “

“I was numb”

“I screamed for help”

“And suddenly, he put his hand over my mouth in order to muffle my voice.”

“I pushed him away and ran towards the main door and opened it with a hope to get out of the house.”


“Ohh God, What happened?? “

“Are you Okay my dear?” Robert asked me as he just reached the house with some coffee beans in his one hand and a knife on the other.

“Hey, Ron.” He shouted with anger

“What’s going on here?”

“Probably your wife has lost her mind” he replied.

“Just shut up! You moron.”

“How dare you talk like that?”


“I am not gonna leave you for this”

And then, Robert showed the knife to Ron just to moove him away from me and I shouted to get some help from the neighbours.”

A crowd gathered as soon as they heard my voice and thankfully someone called the police immediately after knowing the incident.”

In a row, Some of the neighbours also provided their statement as a witness of the incident.

After listening to all this, Alice stood up and came to Ron’s lawyer and whispered something in his ear.

“My lord, I request you to grant some more time to  my client to muster up some proofs.” The lawyer begged with a hope in his voice.

“All the witnesses and proofs are indicating that Mr Ron is guilty for molesting Mrs Malisa D’Cruz. The court will announce its decision tomorrow 4 in the evening.”

“The court is adjourned”

It was the day for the decision. Everyone reached the courtroom before time. The hearing started at 4. The judge asked Ron for the last time If he wanted to say something in his defence.

“Nope, My lord” Ron said with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes.

“I want to say something My lord” Alice interrupted.

“Come to the witness box first”

Ron’s lawyer handed over a file to the judge.

“My lord, this is my client’s medical report.”

“According to this report Mr Ron is suffering from a chronic allergy with coffee.”

“This file shows up that Mr Ron may get into a severe skin condition or may even die if he would take a single sip of coffee. This proves that Mrs Malisa’s story is a big trap and my client is innocent.”

Everyone in the room was shocked to know this fact.

“Yes My lord,”

“I got it right from the statement when my aunt said ‘ Ron demanded for a coffee ‘ I knew this before, that he had a chronic coffee allergy so he could never demand the same.” Alice added

Also, there was a fresh bottle of coffee in the kitchen pantry which I bought a week ago. “

“Again, no need to go to the market”

She showed the bill as proof.

The judge checked all the proofs and delivered the judgement.

All the proofs and medical reports have made it crystal clear that Mrs Malisa and her husband Mr Robert are found guilty and Mr Ron is found innocent.

The court sentenced Mr and Mrs D’Cruz 10 years imprisonment.

“The court wants to know why you did this to your nephew Malisa?” Asked the judge

“I am sorry My lord”

“But…we are getting older”

“We had no child and no one to take care of us. So, I wanted Alice to never get married.”

“Ohh aunt, you shouldn’t have to do this”

“Ron already has decided to get a transfer in our town to stay with us “

“You ruined everything” she cried.

The police arrested the old couple. Ron and Alice came back to their home with an ocean of pain in their hearts.

Alice, once again, lost her parents but…got a family in Ron.

                            …………………………………..The End………………………………………

Writer: Aayushi Tiwari

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